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In der vergangenen Woche hatte Apple nicht nur die neuen iPad Pro 2018 vorgestellt, sondern mit dem MacBook Air und Mac mini noch weitere neue Hardware serviert. Während das Pressembargo zum iPad Pro am gestrigen Tag fiel, dürfen Journalisten ab sofort auch über das neue MacBook Air und den neuen Mac mini berichten. Alle drei neuen Apple Produkte gibt es ab morgen zu kaufen.

MacBook Air Reviews

Kurz nach der Keynote hat Apple ausgewählten Journalisten ein MacBook Air sowie Mac mini Testgerät mit an die Hand gegeben, so dass sich diese intensiver mit den Produktneuheiten auseinander setzen konnten. Nun liegen die ersten Reviews vor. Exemplarisch haben wir ein paar für euch zusammengefasst.


There’s no doubt the new Air marks a sizable update. It’s pricier, too, though Apple’s kept things more in check here than with the Mac Mini. With all of its upgrades and lower price point to boot, the Air is the clear pick over the 12-inch MacBook in practically every way.

The Verge

Is all of this worth $1,200? Yes. The performance and quality of this MacBook Air justify its price.


And for those people, the ones who have been hanging on to that old MacBook Air, this is a nice upgrade. It’s par for the course — and that’s probably enough.


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The new MacBook Air definitely got a big upgrade on the exterior hardware, it still feels very familiar. It now looks very much in line with the rest of Apple’s lineup, between the 12-inch Retina MacBook and the MacBook Pros.


MacBook Air has never been designed to be a powerhouse of a machine. It has always packed with just enough computing power to easily handle most real-world use cases its users will throw at it. Other than graphics-heavy workloads, the MacBook Air will be just fine.


With the redesign, the MacBook Air remains the best choice of all of Apple’s laptops. The MacBook, released in 2015, is svelte but slow with sad battery life. The MacBook Pros, refreshed in 2016, have the speed, but they’re bigger and only run 10 hours on a charge—not 13 like the old Air. The new MacBook Air is as balanced as its predecessor, in a more modern design.

Kurzum: Das MacBook Air 2018 stellt im Vergleich zum Vorgänger-Modell ein willkommenes Upgrade dar. Das Retina Display stellt dabei dir größte Verbesserung dar. Dazu erhält der Nutzer eine moderate Leistungssteigerung.

Mac mini Review


The Mac Mini is undoubtedly a powerful upgrade over its predecessor and an interesting glimpse into the future of the Mac ecosystem. Along with the product’s pro ambitions, however, comes a higher price tag, starting at $799. The Mini is still the best-priced gateway into a desktop Mac ecosystem, but the definition of entry-level has clearly shifted for Apple since the last ‘go round.


The new 2018 Mac mini is impressively powerful, even for the entry-level model. It is encouraging to see Apple deliver such a well-thought-out upgrade that was desperately needed.

Marco Arment

The new Mac Mini is a great update, out of nowhere, to a product we thought would never be updated again.

Of course, with Apple’s track record on the Mac Mini, it may never be updated after this. This is either the first in a series of regular updates with which Apple proves that they care about the Mac Mini again, or it’s the last Mac Mini that will ever exist and we’ll all be hoarding them in a few years. We can’t know yet.

Jason Snell

Today the Mac mini is about flexibility and filling niches. This update allows it to span a wide range from basic server needs all the way up to high-end applications that require a great deal of processor power, fast storage, ultra-fast networking, and even beyond (via Thunderbolt 3). The high-end configurations might actually provide enough power for people to consider them over buying the Mac Pro, whenever it comes out.

Kurzum: Auch der neue Mac mini wird als willkommenes und überfälliges Upgrade empfunden. Insbesondere die Leistung sowie die Vielzahl der Ports auf der Rückseite können überzeugen.

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