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Die Reviews zum neuen iPad Pro 2020 sind da. Vergangene Woche hatte Apple das neue iPad Pro (hier im Apple Online Store) vorgestellt. Dabei setzt der Hersteller unter anderem auf einen neuen A12Z-Chip, einen LiDAR-Scanner sowie weitere Verbesserungen. Optional ist ein Magic Keyboard (ab Mai) erhältlich. Am morgigen Mittwoch, feiert das iPad Pro seinen offiziellen Verkaufsstart. Im Vorfeld ist das Presseembargo gefallen, so dass die ersten Hands-On, Reviews, Tests etc. vorliegen. Wir haben uns für euch umgeguckt, und ein paar der Eindrücke zusammengetragen.

iPad Pro Reviews

Six Colors

This is that kind of iPad Pro update. If you’ve been thinking about getting an iPad Pro, or if you’ve been using one of the first- or second-generation iPad Pro models, this product was made for you. But if you’re using a 2018 iPad Pro, you can give this iPad a pass. The difference between your 2018 model and today’s 2020 version are relatively minor, so unless you care about AR or having an ultrawide camera, you can hang tight for the next generation of iPad Pro.

The good news is, even if you don’t upgrade, you’ll still get to take advantage of all of those new accessories for the new iPad Pro. And really, that Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is going to be what we remember the most about this new iPad Pro. Unfortunately, that story won’t be complete until that accessory arrives on the scene in a few months. With any luck, our patience will be rewarded.

The Verge

The biggest change is the new camera system. You can’t miss it. The camera bump on the back of the iPad Pro is a big old square now, with two regular camera sensors and a new LIDAR sensor. We’ll come back to that LIDAR sensor in a minute.

Apple has put in a 12-megapixel main wide sensor with an f/1.8 aperture, which takes good photos but isn’t able to match the low-light performance of the iPhone 11 Pro.

New this year is a 10-megapixel ultrawide sensor at f/2.4 with a 125-degree field of view. As with all ultrawide sensors, the point is more the fun it provides than the extra crispy image quality.


What Apple is offering with this new iPad Pro is the unspoken promise that technology marches on, that it will keep getting better. That’s one way to interpret it. The other way to look at it is that Apple is selling a very impressive, very expensive iPad at a time when a kind of reboot has been thrust upon humanity, when what we prioritize in our lives has had to come into sharper focus. In that case, rest assured: it’s just an iPad.


With LiDAR, two major steps forward are possible for AR applications. Initialization time is nearly instantaneous. Because LiDAR works at the speed of light, reading pulses of light it sends out and measuring their ‘flight’ times to determine the shape of objects or environments — it is very fast. That typical ‘fire it up, wave it around and pray’ AR awkwardness should theoretically be eliminated with LiDAR.

Occlusion becomes an automatic. It no longer requires calculations be done using the camera, small hand movements and computer vision to “guess” at the shape of objects and their relationship to one another. Developers essentially get all of this for “free” computationally and at blazing speed.

There’s a reason LiDAR is used in many autonomous free roaming vehicle systems and semi-autonomous driving systems. It’s fast, relatively reliable and a powerful mapping tool.


Das alte iPad Pro ist für mich persönlich der beste Computer für zuhause und unterwegs, das neue iPad Pro jetzt noch ein klein bisschen besser geworden. Zwei von drei Dingen, die ich mir vor wenigen Monaten von einem neuen iPad gewünscht habe, bringt es mit: Wifi 6 und eine verbesserte Tastatur, wenn auch erst im Mai.

iPad Pro Video Reviews

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